leg·a·cy : noun : a thing handed down by a predecessor.

Founded in 1973, the 60th District Service Office is a nonprofit corporate entity established for the purpose of providing Kalamazoo area residents with direct access to their government and increasing the responsiveness of the government to their needs and concerns. Services are provided without fee on an entirely non-partisan basis.


con·tin·u·ance : noun : the state of remaining in existence or operation.

The 60th DSO is sponsored by the State Representative but relies on the contributions of supporters to fund the daily operations.

REP. HOADLEY welcomes back our educators to the classroom

With students back in school this Fall, Rep. Jon Hoadley is sending out a "Welcome Back Educators" packet to our teachers.

Through our partnership with the Kalamazoo Education Association, a special newsletter and pen, along with an order form for informative publications and maps.

Enclosed as well is a survey for educators to complete as to what are the important educational reforms that ought to be undertaken at the state level.  This survey can be taken online at, as well as faxed or mailed into our office.

Rep. Hoadley is also available to come to our school buildings to talk with students, teachers & parents.  Please contact our office to schedule (269) 382-4676.



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HearYe!  Hear Ye!  Special Edition!

HearYe!  Hear Ye!  Special Edition!