leg·a·cy : noun : a thing handed down by a predecessor.

Founded in 1973, the 60th District Service Office is a nonprofit corporate entity established for the purpose of providing Kalamazoo area residents with direct access to their government and increasing the responsiveness of the government to their needs and concerns. Services are provided without fee on an entirely non-partisan basis.


con·tin·u·ance : noun : the state of remaining in existence or operation.

The 60th DSO is sponsored by the State Representative but relies on the contributions of supporters to fund the daily operations.

JOIN in the Birthday FUn!! on Aug 14th

You are cordially invited to attend Mary Brown's 80th Summer Birthday Party, which just happens to be planned for Re Jon Hoadley's 32nd birthday.  How cool is that?

This will be held  on Friday, August 14th from 5 - 7 pm in Mary's lovely backyard at 1624 Grand Avenue.

You may either send your registration to us at our local office:  315 N. Burdick Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49007 or  by calling us here at the DSO - 382-4676.

This event is one of our largest friend & fundraisers of the year.  Your participation & generosity are much appreciated.



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