60th DSO Mission

The DSO is a place where people can come to receive help navigating bureaucracies and receive assistance to cut red-tape in state and local government.

Some of what we do at the DSO:

  1. Ombudsman. DSO staff provide the services of a community ombudsman, assisting individuals as they work their way through the myriad of local and state governmental agencies. Office staff is also available for direct services, i.e. assisting people in filing property tax and home heating credits.
  2. Organizational Resources. The DSO provides assistance to individuals or groups who seek to voice their concerns more effectively to local and state officials.
  3. Legislative Information Center. The DSO seeks citizen reaction to pending legislation, keeps citizens informed of day-to-day occurrences in state government and provides information on access to legislative research (www.legislature.mi.gov) in connection with specific bills. In addition, Rep. Sean McCann sends out a monthly e-newsletter updating constituents on the work of the legislature. If you do not receive it and would like to, please call Edie Smith Trent) 382-4676.
  4. Agency Resource. The DSO serves as a resource and provides assistance to governmental and public assistance agencies, including local emergency services’ organizations. In addition, the DSO provides numerous publications which are available to constituents at no cost.
  5. Referral Services. The DSO provides a referral service to other agencies: local, state, federal, public and private for 60th District constituents.