leg·a·cy : noun : a thing handed down by a predecessor.

Founded in 1973, the 60th District Service Office is a nonprofit corporate entity established for the purpose of providing Kalamazoo area residents with direct access to their government and increasing the responsiveness of the government to their needs and concerns. Services are provided without fee on an entirely non-partisan basis.


con·tin·u·ance : noun : the state of remaining in existence or operation.

The 60th DSO is sponsored by the State Representative but relies on the contributions of supporters to fund the daily operations.

read up on the news from the DSO & CSC.  Please consider an end-of-the-year gift.

The Boards .of Directors for the 50th District Service Office and the Community Services Charity have kicked off our Annual Fund Drive.  For those of you would receive your newsletter in hard copy, please look for your snailmail copy of the newsletter in late October.  Enclosed in the large envelope with the newsletter is a remit envelope.  We appreciate your gift.

In addition this year, we are participating in the GIVING SPIRIT DRIVE along with C.A.R.E.S. & the Kalamazoo Gay & Lesbian Resource Center to ask our friends to share personal hygiene items which will be shared with the Kalamazoo Gospel Mission and Ministry with Community.

No Poinsettia Sale

      After much considered thought this summer, the DSO Board ofDirectors has decided not to hold a Poinsettia Sale this holiday season, except for large orders.  The competition has gotten fairly stiff and we are no longer permitted to market them in Lansing.  The plants have always been grown locally at:

Panse’s Greenhouse, 7594 Douglas Ave., Kalamazoo

269 383-1150







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