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I support the 60th District Service Office because this office goes far and beyond to help the everyday person within the Kalamazoo Community. The people in this office are extraordinary and have a strong passion for serving the people of Kalamazoo 

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    Check out 60th District Service Office. I just joined and I'm so excited to see how this fellowship will help me better my community!

    Sally Appleyard Fellowship

    The Sally Appleyard Fellowship is an opportunity for individuals interested in public policy to have a hands on, substantive, and stipended internship with the 60th District Service Office. Beginning in late spring to early summer, Fellows are expected to work 20-30 hours per week for a minimum of twelve weeks.

    Each year Sally Appleyard Fellows focus on a specific area of study and are required to collaboratively design and execute a capstone project through a tool, research, or creative piece. These projects are intended to showcase their learning throughout the Fellowship and further the mission of the 60th District Service Office. Previous Sally Appleyard fellows have worked on issues such as:


    -        Local tax reform

    -        Voter access

    -        Homelessness

    -        Food equity

    -        Civic engagement communication

    In addition to their individual projects, the Fellows we select will have regular responsibilities including office management and constituent advocacy. Fellows will also learn skills such as persuasive and informative writing, and will routinely have access to other professional development opportunities.  Fellows are expected to establish and adhere to a regular schedule, dress and communicate professionally, and provide their own transportation to the 60th District Service Office.

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Bionca Stewart

Bionca Stewart

I am a recent graduate from WMU and all I want to do with my life is do whatever I can to better the world.